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bird, Circle Bird Earrings



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This circleis circlea circlesweet circleand circlesimple circleeveryday circledesign circlethat circlecan circlebe circleworn circleby circlechildren circleor circleadults. circleOur circlenew circlecircle circleearrings circleare circleinspired circleby circleclassic circledesigns circlefound circlethroughout circlethe circleyears. circleWe circlethought circlewe circlewould circlerevisit circlethis circlesimple circlelook circleand circleadd circlea circlebit circleof circleFigs circle& circleGinger circleflair circleto circleit. circleThe circlecircle circlependant circleis circle17mm circlein circlediameter circleand circlethe circleearrings circlehang circleapprox. circle1.5". circleWe circleuse circleat circleleast circle50% circlerecycled circlesterling circlesilver circlein circleeach circlepiece, circlebut circledo circletry circleto circleuse circle100% circlewhen circlewe circlecan. circleThe circleearrings circleare circlegiven circlea circledark circlepatina circleand circleis circlevery circlelow circlemaintenance, circleno circlepolishing circlerequired. circleSterling circleSilver circleis circlethe circlesame circlerecycled circleor circlefreshly circlemined, circlewe circlechoose circleto circleuse circlerecycled, circleor circlerefined, circleto circleavoid circleany circlenew circlemining circleand circlethe circledestruction circleof circlecommunity circle& circlethe circleenvironment.

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