Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

journey pendant, 0.12ctw Diamond Drop Pendant 10k White Gold Channel Set Journey



In stock



Gem: jewelry authorityNatural jewelry authorityDiamonds jewelry authority- jewelry authority0.12 jewelry authorityTotal jewelry authorityCarats, jewelry authorityRound jewelry authorityBrilliant jewelry authorityand jewelry authorityBaguette jewelry authorityCut, jewelry authorityF jewelry authority- jewelry authorityH jewelry authorityColor, jewelry authoritySI1 jewelry authority- jewelry authorityI2 jewelry authorityClarityMetal: jewelry authority10k jewelry authorityWhite jewelry authorityGoldWeight: jewelry authority2.1 jewelry authorityGrams jewelry authorityStamps: jewelry authority10kMeasurements: jewelry authority18.3 jewelry authorityx jewelry authority12.3 jewelry authoritymm jewelry authority(including jewelry authoritybail)Will jewelry authorityaccommodate jewelry authorityup jewelry authorityto jewelry authoritya jewelry authority3.5 jewelry authoritymm jewelry authoritychain.Each jewelry authoritypiece jewelry authorityis jewelry authoritythoroughly jewelry authorityexamined jewelry authorityand jewelry authorityrefinished jewelry authorityas jewelry authorityneeded jewelry authorityby jewelry authorityour jewelry authorityprofessional jewelry authorityjewelers, jewelry authoritygraded jewelry authorityby jewelry authorityour jewelry authorityin-house jewelry authorityGIA jewelry authority(Gemological jewelry authorityInstitute jewelry authorityof jewelry authorityAmerica) jewelry authorityGraduate jewelry authorityGemologist, jewelry authorityand jewelry authorityinspected jewelry authorityfor jewelry authorityquality jewelry authoritybefore jewelry authoritybeing jewelry authoritycarefully jewelry authoritypackaged jewelry authorityand jewelry authoritypromptly jewelry authorityshipped.[SKU: jewelry authorityB9298]

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